Windows that Work for You 

New windows not only bring a face lift to your home, but they also have the ability to save you money on your heating and cooling costs. The windows installed by Boyum Window & Siding are energy star rated double pane and come in a wide variety of styles. Below you will find a bit of information on the styles of windows we commonly install. Keep in mind that they are available with many exterior colors, interior wood-grains and metal hardware finishes. 

Benefits in Replacing Your Windows 

Keep the Cold Out 

Air leaks through your windows are a contributing factor to energy loss in your home. More noticeable during winter months, this simple solution to cut costs is often overlooked. When you allow Boyum Window & Siding to professionally install new windows you will save money on heating and cooling cost and you'll be able to stay comfortable year round. 

Freedom from Maintenance 

Simply wash with soap and warm water to restore your windows to look like the day they were installed. This low-maintenance aspect definitely has its benefits. The high quality materials we use won't rot, split or stick like wood or metal windows. 

 Because the base color is solid, you'll never need to paint or stain these windows. The same properties that ensure their maintenance freedom also allow window designs that are easy to incorporate into the style of your home, easy to clean and even easier to operate. 

Common Window Types 


Double-hung have been a window of choice for decades. Most older homes were designed and built with double hung windows featured in many areas of the home for their dimension, ease of operation and simplicity in construction. Improvements have been made to the design of the window with a tilt in feature to allow you to clean the windows from the interior. Most vinyl windows have a standard continuous frame for sides and bottoms. 


Similar to a casement window as it also opens on a hinge, awning windows offer an option where space is limited. A benefit of this type of window is that it can often be left open during storms because the open pane deflects rainfall. 


Essentially the same as an awning window, but opens at the top rather than the bottom. This style does not direct rain away from the interior. 


Like doors, casement windows pivot on hinges. This style often opens outward and may be operated with a hand-crank. According to Better Homes and Gardens, casement shapes tend toward the tall and narrow, so wide wall openings usually feature several. 


A picture window is a fixed window that does not open or close. Picture windows are often used as transoms (side lights) next to a large window or door or as a large window to provide an expanded view. Sliders These windows open horizontally. On a single slider, only one side operates. On a double slider, both sides operate. We make a variety of sliding windows which can also be tilted in, swing in, or lifted out for easy cleaning. 


Boyum has several other types of windows that may be right for your home. We offer common shapes such as half rounds, circles, eyebrows, trapezoids, octagons and many more. Contact us for more information on your specific needs. 

Our Windows

At Boyum Window & Siding we use vendors like Lindsay Windows and Prism Windows by Simonton. Both of these companies offer the above styles and we can work with you to ensure that the windows we install in your home are the highest quality, professionally installed and exactly what you are looking for. During our installation we ensure that all seals are in place to prevent continuous energy loss and thus create energy savings for our customers. Like our other range of products and services we can customize a solution to fit your needs. There isn't much we can't do with the window selections we have. Our goal is to get you the right products at the right price. Feel free to reach out to us and we can stop by your house and see if you need new windows, or if simple repairs can achieve the same results.


 All of our installed products carry with them different manufacturer warranties depending on style and material you choose. We will stand behind our work and assist with any issues that arise and replacements necessary contained within the warranty. If for any reason your claims are outside the confines of the manufacturer’s warranty we will work with you to come up with a mutual beneficial solution. Your satisfaction is always our priority.

They did an awesome job installing our new windows!

Dustin VanHale

Madelia, MN

They did a great job installing my new windows, I really liked how they came every day untill the project was done and cleaned up every night before they went home. They are very professional workers and my new Prism windows look great!

Mike Sorenson

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